A mix of AU and normal rps
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The msn group chat address: group1232045@groupsim.com please add to your list. Don't forget to check out our AU Section!!

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 Rules Here! Please read!

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Alfred F. Jones

Alfred F. Jones

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PostSubject: Rules Here! Please read!   Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:00 am

Alright~ Here is a set of rules for you guys, please~PLEASE~ read them and go by them.

Thank you!


Please no fighting OOCly. It's no fun for anyone, in the fight or not.

Please no god modding ICly. That's no fun for anyone but you, and that doesn't really work. ^^"

Please try to be active here. If you are going to be absent, make a post in the absent thread so we know that you'll be gone, but to not kick you from the forum.

Please don't spam the boards. This includes double posts, please try not to.

You can have two characters, BUT! No two cannon characters, for now at least. For example, I can't be America /and/ Germany. But if you want a second character, you can have one, but it must be an OC with no cannon. Example: America /and/ South Africa.
(P.S. I'm not reserving South Africa or Germany. This was just an example~)

So far I think that is it~ We might change or add to these rules in the future though. Don't worry! We'll update you if we do.
Please don't be shy about asking us questions~ We'll be happy to answer!

Thanks for reading~!
With love~ Your hero.<3
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Rules Here! Please read!
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