A mix of AU and normal rps
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 Ciao~! Feliciano Vargas here!

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Feliciano Vargas

Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Ciao~! Feliciano Vargas here!   Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:45 am


Not that one I mean--


Name: Feliciano Vargas

Age: 20 (though is actually much older than that like most countries)

Country You Represent: Republic Of Italy (Repubblica Italiana), Northern Italy

About Yourself: About ME or about my character? I’m going to assume myself as that is what America and Kiku did in the Mod/Admin section.

Well I am 16 years old, though I am a fairly literate roleplayer as far as youn’ins go. I live in the USA, New York to be precise. Not New York City though, before you ask xD
This isn’t my first RP but it is my first time as North Italy. I kind of act like him irl so I thought it was fitting. If I do anything wrong, please tell me. I usually RP as America or Korea, but thought that as long as Veneziano was open and America wasn’t, why not. I have a basic understanding of Italian history thanks to World History.
I would normally be all like “oh and you can have my AIM, here ya go!” but my mom got mad at me for talking to people I don’t know irl. I can if I’m on my iPod…but eh you probably don’t want to have a secret RP with me anyway xD

I am really excited about the Pokémon crossover! *pulls out SoulSilver*
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Ciao~! Feliciano Vargas here!
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